Exams can be an extremely stressful time for students and parents alike, however being well prepared, both in your revision techniques, and in your understanding of the exam process, will help you as you approach your exams this year. The Candidate Exam Handbook sets out our commitment to ensuring all our candidates are fully briefed on the examination process in place at Derby High School.

Candidate Exam Hand Book

Information for Candidates Documents - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Derby High School offers the following exam boards where you can find links to all the subjects and syllabus information.

AQA - education charity providing GCSEs, A-levels and support

Pearson qualifications | Edexcel, BTEC, LCCI and EDI | Pearson qualifications

OCR - awarding body for A Levels, GCSEs, Cambridge Nationals, Cambridge Technicals and other qualifications

Welcome to the WJEC homepage

Eduqas | Exam Board UK

A Level Supercurricular Activities

GCSE Supercurricular Activities

KS3 Supercurricular Activities

Guide for young people on sources of help and support

Self-care for psychological and emotional wellbeing

Revision Strategies